Earth’s Magic Healing
Angela Redman


She understood the language in the stillness, in the moment, in the daily rhythms of her experiences; all of them are when she was truly present in her being. Expansion in our bodies, in her body filling up all the minute spaces and places within this blessed, grateful body she had been gifted this lifetime.

The magic received from our divine Earth in which we live upon is so kind, beautiful and simply overwhelming at times at its incredible power, beauty, sacredness and delight. A delight that is so precious and true we cannot ignore its whispers…


About The Author


Angela Redman was born and adopted in the City of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia where she has grown up and spent her life, thus far. Adelaide has historically been the hub of free-spirited and free thinking people. It was the first place in Australia to abolish sexual and racial discrimination, the first to do away with capital punishment, the first to recognise Australian Aboriginal land rights and the first to give women voting rights.

Adelaide has also been nicknamed the City of Churches, although it is not known as to who first started using this nickname, one only needs to take a look around to dig out the rationale behind such a nickname. Churches boasting exquisite architectural designs abound in this beautiful city with the Holy Trinity Anglican Church being the oldest which was built in the year 1838. With the increment in population, the number of churches enjoyed a huge boost over time. Angela is a mother of two, Wellness Coach, Healer, Intuitive, Model, Dancer for Life, Yogini, Author, Nature Lover, Gardner, Transcendental Meditator, Homeopathy consumer, Community Hugger, Global Happiness Networker and Promoter.

Angela loves to cook, eat, and enjoy the art of self-care in her own time with her family. She has always been a passionate student and observer of life. Angela is an active member of expanding and sharing the rising and raising of our consciousness in her beautiful city and community.

Angela’s training includes Reiki, Intuitive Guidance, Aromatherapy, Australian Bush Flower Essence Therapy, Certified Cookery, Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Indian Head Massage, Pranic Healing, Polarity Therapy, Gym Instructor, Life Style Consultant, Family and Wellbeing Coaching, Holistic Counselling for Body Mind and Spirit.

Angela is fortunate to be available in locations in Adelaide where she can offer her skills to all people in her city and has been operating her own business Embracing Wellness since 2007.

You can receive Embracing Wellness through an in-person session, Skype session, Social media or via her web site: (soon to be re-launched) or you contact Angela directly via email  Angela loves nothing more than working with people of all ages from around the globe. Are you ready to receive Embracing Your Wellness?