Meet The Authors

Christine Caruso: Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 The Stone Reader Christine Caruso   “They didn’t.” A woman once asked why the Stones had chosen me. “They didn’t,” I told her. “They choose everyone. Everyone. But not everyone chooses them back.” [...]

Ben Noble: Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 The Ridge Ben Noble   Within moments my choice was met with a heart-stopping screech as the tall grass field to my left exploded in a flurry of motion. I froze and then [...]

Angela Redman: Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 Earth’s Magic Healing Angela Redman   She understood the language in the stillness, in the moment, in the daily rhythms of her experiences; all of them are when she was truly present in [...]

Luz Adame: Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4 The Essence of Being in Communion with the Earth Luz Adame   Have you ever asked yourself who you really are? And what contribution are you to the planet that you have not [...]

Sylvia Remington: Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5 One Tree Sylvia Remington   Driving from my parent’s house, a huge swooping hawk caught my eye as it glided through the air, dancing on the air waves, soaring with the wind from [...]

Shellie Padilla: Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6 A Fairie Tale Shellie Padilla   Long ago, before there were humans, the fairies lived in a magical place that was full of maj-esty and great wonder. There was a blissful, harmonious TENALACH [...]

Deepa Ramaraj: Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 Healing the Earth through Communion Deepa Ramaraj   Would the Earth be happy if the people residing on it were sad, upset, angry, fighting and were in total disharmony? My perspective about healing [...]

Lezlee Willems: Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8 Crystal Healing Magic Lezlee Willems I made things out of natural stuff from the windbreak. The windbreak was a couple of rows of old and mostly dead trees that had been planted at [...]

Gabrielle Lugo: Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 Healing You, Healing the Earth Gabrielle Lugo   Over a decade ago I embarked on a journey that would forever change my life. This journey began what I will refer to as my [...]

Bre Pryse: Chapter 10

CHAPTER 10 Attachments to Truth Bre Pryse   I, like so many others, believe we are at a crossroads in our evolution and planetary existence. Due to pollution, climate change, resource shortages and a variety [...]

Rebecca Trodden: Chapter 11

CHAPTER 11 The Gift of The Golden Sun Rebecca Trodden   How many time have you been out side and looked around and took noticed the lushness from the trees, the grass, the blueness of [...]

Trudie Jane Lorna Crooks: Chapter 12

CHAPTER 12 River Goddess Trudie Jane Lorna Crooks   I’m RIVER GODDESS… I’m calling in Spirit, GOD, Universe, Source, Divine, Mother Earth, Angles, Fairies, Guides, My Team, my mother, everyone and everything to contribute to [...]

Eena Basur: Chapter 13

CHAPTER 13 What on Earth, Does This Have To Do with That? Eena Basur   When I was 11, my mother, beautifully and patiently with diagrams and drawings explained to me, what menstruation is, why [...]

Cassie Hepburn: Chapter 14

CHAPTER 14 Walking with the Earth Cassie Hepburn   ...I would often see herons, kingfishers and other water birds and in the morning the air would be filled with birdsong. This was also a riding [...]

Tanya Desaulniers: Chapter 15

CHAPTER 15 She Whispers Softly… Are you Listening? Tanya Desaulniers   Oh Mother, I adore you. I am so grateful for your love and your infinite supply and for the honor of your presence in [...]

Julie Oreson Perkins: Chapter 16

CHAPTER 16 Healing Bodies and the Earth with Communion Julie Oreson Perkins, CLC, ACC, CF, CFMW   Plus, there’s these interesting concepts: • Since our bodies came from the Earth, then they will return eventually [...]

Foreword: Anushree Agarwal

A few years back, I had a vivid dream. In the dream, I was talking to Mother Earth; I saw how the whole earth is also designed by the Universe just like we as humans [...]

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