The Ridge
Ben Noble


Within moments my choice was met with a heart-stopping screech as the tall grass field to my left exploded in a flurry of motion. I froze and then laughed at myself as I saw the pair of desert grouse lift into the sky together.
The first omen came as I wound my way up the dusty trail, my mouth sticking from the thirst, a single hawk feather drifted from the sky and fell at my feet. Well that’s got to be a good thing to receive on your first soul journey into nature, I thought! I must be on the right track here. I picked up the feather and slid it behind my ear as I marched on, lifted.
God, it was good to be out here! To be alone and yet part of everything; the sage bushes and wild grasses, the rocks and dirt, the wild creatures, the warm dry air bringing all the smells and sounds to me, and the few gnarled juniper trees dotting the trail that seemed to show up every time I desired a moment to sit and rest….

Ben Noble

Gentle, kind, asshole… are the three words used most to describe Ben Noble. He has faced down a wild boar at the top of a jungle mountain, played keys for a rock band, been a stay-at-home dad for his clever children, and has eaten more popcorn than most humans on the planet.

He was introduced to Access Consciousness in 2011 and became aware of his gifts as a healer, particularly his capacity to sense frequencies, vibrations and “songs” in bodies and from the earth. He founded Noble Awakening, inviting people into more peace and joy in their body through the power of sound and their own voice.

In 2014, Ben, with the guidance of his mentor, turned his focus to men’s work and initiation through solo journeys into the wilderness. After a 4 day vision quest into the rain forest of Mt. Olympus, he had a dream that pointed him to the next step in his evolution working with sexual shame, abuse, and trauma. He then trained through the Rode Institute to become a sexual somatic bodywork practitioner.

In the Summer of 2016 he began the Gypsy Tour of Consciousness which would become a year and a half journey across the United States and Canada, inviting world changers all along the way to let go of the limitations they had created for themselves and step fully into the gift they came to this world to be.

He now resides in Escondido, CA, where he offers individual, couples and group healing retreats, men’s workshops, Soul Journeys into nature to learn about the communion between our bodies and the earth… and hugs.

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