Attachments to Truth
Bre Pryse


I, like so many others, believe we are at a crossroads in our evolution and planetary existence. Due to pollution, climate change, resource shortages and a variety of other factors, we are fi-nally waking up to the fact we need change. Big change. Changes in the way we live, Changes in the way we think. Changes in the way we treat our lovely Mother Earth. We are quickly ap-proaching the point where we have to change or die. Many people might argue we are past that point. I personally don’t think so but — it is here soon.
Empowerment is a concept many people struggle with. Since what has been labelled The Great Recession, many people have seen big life changes. Many have realized that there is a need for more empowered choices, creation of new possibilities, and basically shedding the old ways that don’t work anymore. As much as we love and are attached to them, many of the old ways of operation don’t work anymore. Big changes require big choices and even bigger actions. A total change in attitude if we wish to continue on our earthly journey.
When I am asked “What is the one thing I can do right here, right now that would heal myself and my planet?” I have a bit of a standard answer: Get out of the box. We need new out-of-the-box thinking to make changes we can’t even see or fathom right now.


About The Author

Breianne Pryse is a natural born intuitive and healer. As an empath, she has been able to see and know things from a very young age that others can’t. She worked in the corporate world in the computer field as both a programmer and manager. This helped her create a wonderful mixture of the logical and spiritual energies and unique skill sets that help people get to the root cause of issues faster. Over the years she has taken a variety of classes in spiritual modalities, philosophies and holistic psychology. She can teach a variety of subjects in the spiritual realm. This varied experience has created a powerful mixture of access to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etherical energies that facilitate healing faster. She enjoys helping people from all walks of life and in all states of being, to become the person they would like to be instead of whom they were told they should be.