Walking with the Earth
Cassie Hepburn


…I would often see herons, kingfishers and other water birds and in the morning the air would be filled with birdsong. This was also a riding trail, so sometimes I might meet a horse and rider and on precious rare occasions, I was the rider.

Every spring an entire pasture was filled with daffodils of every kind and shade of yellow and peach. A leap across the ditch, between the slats in the fence and weaving beneath the apple trees I would gather the daffodils to take an armful home to my Mom. There was a sense of wholeness I experienced in my exploration of the Flats. I felt most at home in my body and on the planet when I was in nature…

Cassie Hepburn

Cass Hepburn is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, a Poet, a Writer, a Photographer and a lover of nature.

Cass is a seeker of consciousness and an adventurer in this journey we call life.

She lives in a small town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, with only 3 stoplights and a don’t blink or you’ll miss it downtown. Blessed to live up in the treetops at the top of a high hill overlooking the mountains and the inlet, every glimpse out the window is an inspiration. Being surrounded by nature, the west coast windstorms, the bear and cougar, the bird and sealife is a fertile ground to inspire her writing and her healing practice.

Cass is inspired by her clients and loves empowering them to discover their strengths and capacities and the gift they be in the world.

Cass has studied Aromatherapy for many years and creates energetic fragrances with essential oils and attars from India, she is a master in Seichim, Sekhem Reiki.
She has studied meditation and many healing and energetic practices.

Most of the tools she offers in her practice now are from a body of work called Access Consciousness.

Cass offers Clearing sessions, Possibility sessions, Symphony of Possibility sessions (one of her personal favourites!) Bars, Energetic Facelift, Body Processes and The Abuse Hold, as well as facilitating classes in Access Bars, The Foundation, and Right Body for You Tasters.