The Stone Reader
Christine Caruso


“They didn’t.”
A woman once asked why the Stones had chosen me.
“They didn’t,” I told her.
“They choose everyone.
But not everyone chooses them back.”
I, quite simply, did.

I happen to talk to rocks. Or more accurately, I listen to them. They do most of the talking.

All of Nature seeks a relationship with us. Literally. And it is one of the sweetest, purest rela-tionships to cultivate. But it’s a relationship that requires us to not judge ourselves, and sus-taining that can be a bit of a bugger sometimes. Especially in this crazy interesting world.


About the Author

Christine Caruso, MAPS

Christine Caruso is a Healer, Teacher, and Writer. She is a Stone Reader in the tradition of the Q’ero people in the Highlands of Peru and weaver of the shamanic ways into modern world.

Christine maintains a private healing practice in Intuitive Energy Medicine, working with clients and teaching internationally. She holds a Masters Degree in Pastoral Studies from the Washington Theological Union, in Washington, DC, where she focused her research on the role of emotions in disease formation and healing. Uncovering the paths of ancient and modern mystics, Christine has worked in missionary programs (whether running them or through them), handled crisis intervention and chaplaincy in hospitals, slept in the deep forests and in more recent years, consult private equity firms.

Christine is an Intuitive and Empath from birth. She studied at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami to refine her practice in Energy Medicine, received her Certificate in Permaculture Design from Ecocentro IPEC in Brazil, where she focused on sustainable energy in all living systems, and completed her herbal apprenticeship with Corinna Wood of Red Moon Herbs in the mountains of North Carolina. There she amplified her natural understanding of Plant Spirit Medicine.

Dedicated to prayer and meditation, Christine refines space for others to unleash their infinite capacities and find their greatest Sacred. As teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Christine teaches awarenesses and technologies to enhance the Instinct.

Meet her at and uncover your deeper shades within.