Healing the Earth through Communion
Deepa Ramaraj


Would the Earth be happy if the people residing on it were sad, upset, angry, fighting and were in total disharmony? My perspective about healing the Earth is that is possible through greater communion within our inner self, with people around us and by then including a peaceful communion with the Earth too. For greater communion with our inner self, I also think it is required to have a greater communion with our body. If my body is sick, to me it mostly means just before that period of sickness, I was choosing to be disconnected with the Earth, with my body and I was in some turmoil on the emotional level. I share here my thoughts on how we could create a greater communion with the Earth and contribute to healing the Earth…


About The Author

Deepa Ramaraj is a Computer Science Engineer and worked for several years in the IT industry as a Program Manager. She been an energy healer for more than a decade. She conducts corporate training programmes and faciltates individual sessions in healing sciences.

Deepa is now a full time practitioner and Internationally Certified Facilitator in  Access Consciousness. She is also experienced in Pranic Healing, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies and Tarot card reading.

She has contributed to the lives of many people in varied areas :

  • physical healing
  • emotional healing
  • career progression
  • increase in income
  • increased profits in business

Some remarkable contributions worth a separate mention:

  • recovery of a person from inoperable cancer tumour in 1 month
  • people who were unemployed for several months, got jobs within weeks
  • rapid improvement in financial situation

Deepa  facilitates workshops for corporate companies to boost sales, to dissolve interpersonal or inter departmental challenges and to transform the way business is done.

She also conducts workshops in the areas of relationships with people, health, business, parenting, stress busting, generating wealth, Body Healing procedures, and Bach Flower Remedies.