What on Earth, Does This Have To Do with That?
Eena Basur


When I was 11, my mother, beautifully and patiently with diagrams and drawings explained to me, what menstruation is, why does it occur in female bodies. Of how it’s an egg that forms every month in the womb, that then, if I choose to have babies, can be fertilised by a man’s sperm, if not it would simply bleed out every month. These are not her exact words, but what I summarised for myself…

Eena Basur

Eena Basur is a joyful entrepreneur and travels around the world facilitating businesses and people to access and be the nurturing invitation with what they have to offer to the world – their voice, creations and products – with ease. She has a wide range of experience spread over 20 years in brand design with clients that include Citibank, Jet Airways, Unesco, Woodstock School, ATS Infrastructure, to name a few. She has also been actively involved in creating and expanding many businesses and products worldwide.

Her joy in acknowledging, diversifying and expanding businesses, people and their capacities, excited her to start her first mainstream business in the year 2000, a graphic design firm with no money and a rented computer. Since then she has created many more; some that were short lived yet channeled totally different possibilities and some that continue to expand phenomenally today. Her latest venture ‘The Earth Home’ which she co-founded with her partner, Adreesh Chakraborty, is a fast growing brand that has brought together on one platform all her different businesses, that are in congruence with her desire to create joyful living on and with Earth – interiors, architecture, handcrafted furniture, brand design and business development.

Eena is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Right Voice for You Facilitator. She desires to invite more and more people, businesses and brands to benevolent capitalism that is about creating organic growth whilst wishing well for all.

Eena offers one-on-one and group facilitation, workshops and trainings in-person and online for
– Clarity on what you will like to create
– To know & expand your brand
– Growing your business with ease
– Upgrading your life to what you know is possible
– Business Strategy, Systems & Development designed for organic growth
– Corporate trainings for team and business leaders

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Other services for businesses and brands:
– Brand design – logos, website, social media content & creatives, catalogues, brochures, and more, in congruence with the Business targets, designed to increase sales
– Exhibition Design
– Space design, architecture & interior

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