Crystal Healing Magic
Lezlee Willems

I made things out of natural stuff from the windbreak. The windbreak was a couple of rows of old and mostly dead trees that had been planted at the edge of the farm to slow the winds and snow from whipping around the homestead. This place away from thoughts brought me joy.
There were dead branches so old that they were silky soft and smooth. I so enjoyed tracing my fingers along them and feeling the textures on my fingertips. I was fascinated watching the little ants and bugs climbing all around keeping so busy. The bright green fresh sprouting wild grasses delighted me as late afternoon light shone through them making them glow like magic….



About The Author

Lezlee Willems, CFMW, is currently an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator, and Energetic Facelift Facilitator at Her healing capacities continue to grow and the miracles mount. She has a dedicated session room in her home for hands on healing and she does personal and group verbal processing sessions far and wide. Many successes with back and neck pain, knee pain, arthritis, allergies, fibromyalgia, relationship issues, and even lupus and cancer. She studied a lot of other healing modalities before coming to Access Consciousness, and occasionally pulls some of these techniques out of the toolbox, but Access has been what has consistently created the shifts that she requires with ease. If you change the energy, you change how your reality and body can show up.


Lezlee currently makes wire wrapped jewelry that she sells at Holistic Fairs and online at The focus of these beautiful pendants is to show off the crystals and stones, and to enhance what the stone can create with you. Lezlee is careful never to cover up the stone with too much wire which could interfere with the energetics. For Lezlee, this creative endeavor is about showcasing the energetics of the stones that can assist you to shift out of limitation and into empowerment. Lezlee is a medium or translator for what the stones would like to gift to you. This communication with the stones has continued to increase and it seems that the momentum is building! What else is possible?


She has always loved to draw and paint and illustrate. She has illustrated a children’s ebook entitled “Teeny Tiny Mouse” written by Helen Ksypka, available on Amazon kindle for free. Lezlee loves interior mural painting and has covered nearly every room of her house with brushwork! Lezlee has a BFA in Graphic Design.