A Fairie Tale
Shellie Padilla


Long ago, before there were humans, the fairies lived in a magical place that was full of maj-esty and great wonder. There was a blissful, harmonious TENALACH (a deep connection that makes you one with nature) among all things in creation on this holy ground. God made the fairies as the angels of nature. They were/are beings of pure, divine light and love with a difficult, but important, mission of healing and protecting the environment and animals. This special place was home to the most natural, unimaginable, timeless beauty that no word could ever describe. It was a diverse playground of wondrous mountains…


About The Author

Shellie Padilla does not have any professional writing experience, in fact, her only claim to any writing ability is holding the title of “Newspaper Manager” during her high school years. Okay, well there was some poetry back then as well. What “unicorns and butterflies” teenage girl did not write her love-sick memoirs through poetic justice? She is, according to her, an award-winning grandmother. She is also a self-proclaimed createaholic, which she is proud to say, she does not treat with drugs. She is famous for her chocolate cake, three-layer delight and her spaghetti. She was awarded a Grammy for her role at her granddaughter’s eighth birthday party themed, “At the Grammies.” (There is a video of the acceptance speech.) She has topped the charts with her rendition of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ by Simon and Garfunkel…in her car. She has captivated audiences everywhere with her “blonde” moments… there have been many. More than any of these things, she is most proud of her Buddha-belly and gray hair, which she has worked a lifetime to achieve. Shellie is a person to know. You can find her living and loving life in Lakewood, Colorado. She shares her adventurous journey with her beautiful husband and family…whether they like it or not. On an average day in her life, you can find her at her spa, Whispering Empress, in Lakewood creating magic with like-minded people…they were hard to find, so they are her treasures. Look for her forthcoming debut as a pole-dancer.