She Whispers Softly… Are you Listening?
Tanya Desaulniers


Oh Mother, I adore you. I am so grateful for your love and your infinite supply and for the honor of your presence in my life, every day.
The Earth is our Great Mother and I have heard her whispers and guidance since I was a very little girl.
She is more like us and more like our bodies than we can even fathom.

For example: What we call “meridians” in our bodies, she calls her “lay lines.” Within our bodies we have the ability to send energy from one part of our body to the other through these meridians and this keeps the energy balanced and flowing throughout our bodies. This keeps us strong and healthy and vibrant.

She is a Body, in fact, she’s the greatest Body of us all and through her lay lines that also run from one end of the planet to the other, she has the capacity to send energy in whatever form is required from one area to another…

Tanya Desaulniers

Earth Healing is such an amazing and expansive topic that it is almost impossible to squeeze it all into just one chapter. I am so grateful to be a part of this expression of Magic with so many other incredibly gifted authors.

True Healing with the Earth comes from an exquisite space of Communion. Communion is the simultaneous gifting and receiving with anyone and anything and when you Commune with the Earth you actually vibrate at the same frequency as she does and when you do, you will know that infinite oneness with her. From this Space, not only can you be of contribution to her, but also she to you.

How does it get better than that?

My earliest memory of communing and communicating with the Earth was when I was a little girl. I have always lived with quite a lot of land around me and I would sit and play in the grasses and build “secret homes” in these long grasses. One day, as a very little girl, I sat there as the wind whispered through the grasses, through my hair and into my ear. I knew that the wind spoke to me. Bum down on the Earth I could feel the vibration of the Great Mother within me. Her very heartbeat was pulsating gently in my Body and from then on, I acknowledged the incredible connection that I have with her.

This relationship with her only deepened further when I myself became a Mother just 8 days after my 17th birthday. I have called upon her for her assistance and wisdom more times than I know and just to be cradled by her eternal love is such a gift.

I truly love that I too can be of such contribution to her.

That is the art of communion. She heals as I heal. She sings as I sing. She dances with delight as I do. She creates as I create. She has a Body as I have a Body. She is infinite and Magic as am I, and she reminds me of this eternal connection daily.

I invite you to listen to her whispers and to connect with the greatest Mother you will ever know.

I wonder what Magic is truly possible now?

Tanya is a Psychic medium who has been aware of and honing her incredible capacities since she was a young girl. Growing up in the Christian church she developed a love and unique relationship with God and Jesus that joyously sustains her to this day.

She has enjoyed numerous trainings and modalities throughout her life including Shamanism, Hypnosis, meditation, becoming a Reiki Master, training in all levels of Akashic records, teachings of Abraham, Law of attraction, Christie Marie Sheldon’s classes on abundance, Angel workshops and trainings, A Course in Miracles, Theta brainwave healing, and many Access Consciousness courses and certifications.

Tanya has always enjoyed being a Homemaker for her amazing Family including her Husband of 22 years and 3 gorgeous Goddess daughters. Her daughters have been raised to know and honour the Earth and God within them and express their very own unique gifts and capacities.

Tanya is so honoured to bring all of herself and all of her own gifts to the table when working with her clients daily. As a Body communicator, she has an incredible capacity to tap into a person’s Body and Being, offer exactly what the Body is asking for and Be the energy of what is required. She is an Alchemist of dynamic change.

She is able to zero in on exactly what is blocking and stopping someone from creating and having their best life and clear those blocks and offer the change they are asking for and a whole new space of being. She believes that acknowledging all of the Elements we are: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, is key to fully integrative healing, expressing yourself and living a life of Infinite Possibility.

Tanya Desaulniers

“Life is Miraculous.

We are truly Miraculous.

Live your live as a “Create your own adventure” and every day, choose to be the fullest Magic that you can be.”